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Continuing Education

Go Diving
You are a certified diver!

And you want more...
Through our continuing education programs you can dive deeper, dive wrecks, learn dive rescue skills, and much more.

During the AOW class you will further your dive knowledge by completing a series of dives over two days.
These dives are supervised and instructed by a certified instructor.
When completed, you will recieve your PADI AOW Certification Card.

On the boat, shore, or in the water - you will know what to do in case of an emergency.
During this course you will learn to manage dive emergencies.
From providing oxygen to an unresposive diver to assisting a tired diver onto the dive boat.
Everyone that takes this class says it is one of the most rewarding and useful classes they have taken.

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Specialty Courses

Choose from:
Mulitlevel Diver
Aware -Coral Reef Conservation

Master Scuba Diver

The highest level of recreational diving.
Complete 50 logged dives and five specialty courses.
These requirements are reviewed by an instructor.
Once verified, the Instructor will submit the appropriate paperwork to PADI.
You will then recieve the coveted Master Scuba Diver C-card.

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